Kevin Woodfield

Front End Web Developer

Austin, Texas




I have had exposure to a wide array of web technologies including things like HTML5, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, PHP, nginx and Apache. I keep a close eye on traditional, proven design principles and modern responsive web design techniques (Flexbox!). I have experience with Wordpress theming and custom plugin development along with other PHP frameworks such as Laravel. I have dabbled in a little Python and Node.js as well. I’m not afraid to jump in, fire up vi, and restart/configure/unbork nGinx/Apache servers.

I try to get out and attend meet ups around town here in Austin, Texas and occasionally explore the city.

I believe in volunteering when possible, fixing instead of buying new, and making good pizza.

    Tools & acronyms:

  • sublime text, phpstorm, vim
  • git, svn
  • gulp, grunt
  • Vagrant/VirtualBox/
  • APIs (SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Firebase)
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch
  • Bash,zsh

    Currently interested in:

  • Backend API development with Laravel
  • Frontend frameworks such as React & Angular
  • JavaScript Design Patterns
  • Data analysis and viz (check out c3js which is a fun d3.js abstraction)
  • Perfecting the omelette